Organized? I wish.

My office or “studio” is a giant mess. On one wall, there are stacks of laminate wood floor planks (waiting for spring to be installed), piles of fabric, stacks of book, and boxes and boxes of paper. I am endlessly sorting paper, recycling paper, rearranging paper. Yet, it continues to pile up and my work space gets completely disorganized and cluttered. It doesn’t help that I work from home with kids which means that I have three small sets of hands moving the items in the office around as well as contributing their own layer of discarded toys, candy wrappers, and miscellaneous items.

I crave organization because it’s pretty difficult to be creative and inspired when staring at the stacks of mess. So, I have been drooling over the organized studios of Nicole Balch of Making it Lovely and Sharilyn’s studio at Lovely Design. All the lovely organized boxes make me jealous and want to rush out to Ikea to buy more shelving and boxes. But, honestly, what I really need to do is purge and purge! This is definitely not one of my strengths!

What do you do to keep your office/studio organized and beautiful? Any tips or tricks to share?

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