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Healthy, Organic Fruits and Vegetables Delivered to Your Door

Enjoy fresh produce and more delivered to your door by

Enjoy fresh produce and more delivered to your door by

Life happens and it is often difficult to find time to go to the supermarket regularly to stock up on fresh fruits and vegetables. I tend to buy a lot when I’m at the store, but it can be a couple of weeks before I get the chance to go back and the fresh produce I’ve bought often goes bad before my family can eat it all. If you live in the Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, or Los Angeles area, you can enjoy fresh organic produce delivered right to your door! Formerly known in the Seattle area as Pioneer Organics, now offers home delivery of local, organic fresh produce. If you are eco-conscious at all, this is a double bonus of getting organic produce from local farmers – a great way to support these local businesses.

In addition to the fresh, organic produce, also delivers a complete selection of natural foods, including milk, bread, pasta and ready-made meals which is ideal for busy families. At SPUD, you can order two ways: The Standing Order or by Personal List. The Standing Order is both a time- and money-saver and allows you to schedule product delivery weekly, every 2 weeks or once every 4 weeks depending on your schedule and budget. Shopping by Personal List lets you customize each order by product and delivery date.

I have my milk delivered straight to my door by Smith Brothers Farm every week, and it is a total lifesaver. With three kids under four-years-old, I was constantly running to the store at the last minute to purchase milk. These “quick” runs to the store took a toll on our schedule, budget, and sanity. The weekly milk delivery alone saves me time and money, and I know the milk is local and the cattle aren’t fed growth hormones. Getting my produce delivered bi-weekly might just tip the scales in my favor and make sure that I always have something fresh and green to serve on the table! Even if it’s next to Mac and Cheese!

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